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The Effect of The Internet on Teenagers

This is an annotated bibliography to summarize sources that relate to the effect of the internet on teenagers. These topics could include:

┬áIssues of Definition – It might be worthwhile to discuss the general definition of addiction, compulsion, etc. athen show how Internet use may resemble this definition.

Issues of Causation – Looking at what causes/effects of the Internet on teens. Based on your topic, this could comprise the bulk of your paper.

Issues of Evaluation – Looking at the pros and cons of Internet use by teens, deciding whether the costs outweigh the benefits (or vice-versa).

Issues of Recommendation – What should be done by parents? Teens themselves? Others?

You will need to identify at least four sources, focused in some way on the topic. Sources may be of any type (webpage, book, newspaper, magazine, journal, blog, video, podcast, etc.).

Next, read and review the sources; then summarize and evaluate the sources you have identified, in 150-200 words for each source. MLA format. Times new roman, 12 font. I attached a checklist for the annotated bibliography as well if it is helpful. Thanks!