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In depth study on the abortion debate in the US.


– Is supposed to capture the readers attention

– Use a description of a dramatic event, suprising facts or examples, historical background or an entertaining story

– Starts often with general statements about the topic, but grows more specific.

– Should include a thesis statement (claim) that you wish to explore/test in the rest of your essay


– A paragraph should ideally deal with one major idea/reason in relation your thesis statement

– It should start with a topic sentence which lets the reader know what the main idea of the paragraph is, and in what context the rest of the paragraph should be read. The topic sentence should be read as a clear answer to the question in the task.

Would be appreciated if sentences were supported by:

– Facts

– Examples

– Statistics

– Quotations


– Sum up your main points – maybe point out to the reader what you think were the strongest/weakest arguments

– Give the reader your final comments on the topic (projections about future changes, importance of the topic itself)

– Remind the reader of your thesis statement and conclude how you have proven/disproven that statement (NB! Rephrase your thesis statement, maybe refine it if your arguments have changed your statement).

– Do not add any new ideas

You are expected you write a formal text, so strive to keep a nuanced and objective tone throughout the text. Avoid contracted forms and colourful or biased language, choose formal vocabulary, and strive to write more complex sentences.
Avoid political bias, try to remain neutral and impartial.

Elaborate on and discuss current debates in the English-speaking world.

Present a major in-depth project with a topic from Social Studies English and assess the process.


Summarize, comment on and discuss differing viewpoints on social and political issues.

Produce texts in a variety of genres with clear content, appropriate style, good structure, and usage that is precise and accurate.

Use information based on figures and statistics as a basis for communicating on social and political issues.

Remember to write the refferences at the bottom of the page.