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English 120 Criteria 


Critical Essay: Criteria:  For “The Black Cat,” by Edgar Allan Poe

The due date for the essay: is March 4, 2022. No late papers.

Submit: Hard Copy in Class and Soft Copy Through Blackboard Content Paper Link

Topic:  Analyze the short story with a focus on three themes to critically examine.  Quote from the text to support your analysis of the literature (short story). Second, develop a solid logical and direct thesis sentence (place it at the end of the first paragraph (Introduction). Develop an original title for your essay.

The short story is the only source for the 5-page critical analysis essay. The last page of the essay page 6 is the Work Cited. Students must quote from the short story and cite the quotations (use up to 4 in your essay’s text in MLA format, for example, this is how to note the quote (Poe 12).   A Quote supports the analysis provided by the student.

The thesis statement goes at the end of the first paragraph.

Short Story titles are put in quotation marks for example “The Black Cat”

Book Titles are put in italics for example MindTap Literature

No Bold style is used in MLA Format or italics except book title.

Paper Format: MLA

No Cover page

12 Font, double space, and Times Roman Style

Indent all paragraphs.

Use the citation below for the short story you are writing. It goes on the  Work Cited on the last page of the essay.


Work Cited

Poe, Edgar Allan. “The Black Cat.”  Poe, Edgar Allan. The Works of Edgar Allan Poe, Vols. 1-2,

Bigelow, 1849. Gale College Collection,

GCCO&pg=127681029&xid=fbef5452. Accessed 20 Sept. 2021.  MindTap Literature

2.0. Cengage Learning. 2020.




Contraction words, such as (don’t, didn’t, it’s, doesn’t, etc.), are not used in formal academic writing.

———————————————————————————————————————Paper Requirements: REVIEW

An essay must have a thesis sentence (include main ideas in your thesis sentence.)

No Study Guides of any kind are to be used for this essay to support your analysis or used as a source. I am interested in your critical thinking and writing skills, not theirs.

6-page essay; 5 total pages of content page 6 is the Work Cited

Please do not have a page-long paragraph. A paragraph is at least five to ten complete sentences.

Quote to support your thesis statement. Make sure to provide an in-text citation for quotes.  Quotes are not in italics. They must be in the same type as the entire essay.

There is a 1 1/2-inch margin for the entire paper. And indent (one TAB space only for paragraphs).