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  • Community service is not only a way to give back, but it also is great for volunteers as well. Helping others makes us feel better. By giving back, we are really helping ourselves.
  • Engaging in volunteering initiatives helps build character, develops empathy and altruism, and supports a bigger cause or group of people.
  • Yes, universities look at and appreciate community service experiences, but that shouldn’t be the only reason behind participation in a community service activity. As high scholars, students should definitely engage in a community service opportunitythat involves a field or group they’re actually invested in and want to actively support. If they’re involved in an initiative or cause that means a lot to them, they’re far more likely to work with diligence and passion rather than feel like it’s something you have to do.
  • Students should not be afraid to think out of the box when brainstorming community service ideas.
  • Participating in community service and volunteer work can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your high school career – and beyond! Colleges appreciate when you’ve stepped up as a leader and taken the time to help your community. But when thinking about community service ideas, what matters the most is that it comes from a heartfelt interest in making a difference.


Purpose and Relevance:

  • To help students get engaged in a community service activity and volunteer to help their community.
  • Deepen students’ understanding of the importance of volunteerism serving the community by simple ideas such as working with children, animals, the environment, neighborhood improvement, and more to inspire community service ideasthat resonate with them
  • One of the most important skills of the language is writing. Together with the researching skills, and writing research papers are other essential skills that students should master as a part of their preparation for college.
  • Students of grade 11 should dedicate plenty of time to practice writing, particularly writing an informative, authentic and well-organized fully developed essay.
  • The main purpose of this term project is to encourage students to think of a community service idea or to get engaged in a community service experience as well as improve their researching skills as well as their writing skills.


Key Concepts:

 This project focuses on the following key concepts:

  • Conduct thorough as well as more sustained research projects to answer the question; what is community service and volunteerism and their importance for the university?
  • Launch a public awareness campaign about the importance of volunteerism and community service.
  • Study the expected outcomes of collaboration and team work carefully and prepare grade 11 and 12 students for the university.
  • Integrate English language skills with ICT, Science and Math skills if possible.
  • Integrate writing with speaking and presentation skills.


Time Frame:

  • The due date to submit your term project is Monday, 25th April, 2022.



  1. Write a fully developed essay

Description: Write a fully developed essay about the meaning of community service and volunteerism and their great impact on the community as well as the student’s academic, social and mental progress. Support your research with evidence of

  1. Community service and volunteerism experience you have been engaged in


  1. A new creative community service and volunteerism idea that can be implemented to serve the community and to have positive effects on the nations of the world. It is important to highlight how your idea will be conducted and implemented and the expected outcomes of this community service activity on any of the following fields; education, economy, or science.


Brainstorm Your Own Idea

Start working on your own community service initiative. When brainstorming what kind of project, idea or organization you wish to start, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are the topics of community service that interest you the most?
  • What do you feel like your community lacks?
  • What kind of role do you wish to play in the initiative?
  • What are some causes that you are passionate about?
  • How many people do you want involved?
  • How much money (funds) will you need?
  • Will this involve a particular location, or can your members engage remotely?

It won’t happen or grow in a day, or even in a week. Think about whether you want to help others and are authentically interested in making a difference. You can start a volunteering committee for a cause that centers pretty much on any important issue.

Examples of community service initiatives can be:

  • Clean-ups of public beaches near you.
  • Painting and decorating school corridors and outside walls
  • Recycling
  • Teaching young kids to read and read for them
  • Volunteer to help People of Determination (e.g.: read for a blind person or volunteer in facilitating sport events, such as Paralympics).
  • Raise funds for refugees or orphans or elder people.



  • The project essay should be no less than 600 words and cover the necessary community service and volunteerism idea.
  • Font: Times New Roman, size :12
  • Photos ad figures are welcome, but they must not detract from the writing space.