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The american revolution

The American Revolution has been explained in various ways, including as an anti-colonial struggle for independence, a movement for social and racial justice, and as a combination of both.  Study the causes, conduct, and results of the Revolution and present your interpretation of this event.

To prepare these papers, use your textbooks, the SIXTH Seagull edition of Eric Foner’s Give Me Liberty and Voices of Freedom, sixth edition, and Internet and other print sources.  DO NOT USE Wikipedia or other Internet encyclopedias, motion pictures, television documentaries, study guides, and picture or juvenile sources.  Your sources should be as scholarly as possible.
putting as much of the information in Foner in your own words.  When you quote Foner, surround his words with quotation marks and follow them with parenthetical identification of their location.  For example: Foner, Give Me Liberty, I, 57 or Foner, Voices of Freedom, I, 267.  If you use additional sources, provide numbered, specific endnote citations according to the University of Chicago’s Manual of Style.
Always insert quotation marks when you copy directly.  Failure to do so constitutes PLAGIARISM, an offense in violation of York College policy, and subject to severe penalties.
Number your pages, beginning with the first page of text, which should be 4 to 6 pages in length and double-spaced in a font of 12.  There should be no extra space between paragraphs, subheads, separate sections, or other devices that simply occupy space.  Begin your essay at top of the first page of text.