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Teen pregnancy in USA

Your assignment is to write a 10-12 page research paper using at least five sources yet no more than eight sources.  At least two sources must be peer-reviewed, scholarly articles. Format your research paper according to the MLA or APA documentation style. Use the MLA or APA guide in Module 4 to format the paper overall and for in-text citations. Include a Works Cited or Reference page of your sources in proper APA or MLA formatting.

Familiarize yourself with the Research Paper Writing in the Disciplines rubric.  Criteria for the following apply to your research paper and are outlined in this rubric:

Content; Audience; Style and Mechanics; Organization; Documentation; Disciplinary Conventions; Purpose

Assignments greatly informing content for your research paper:Annotated bibliography; Literature Review; Research Paper Outline

Limitations on sources

1.   All sources to be full text and not an abstract

2.   The sources may not be editorials or letters to the editor, book reviews, Wikipedia, dictionaries, or publications for K-12.

3.   Sources may not be from a student help site that sells papers, a wiki, or a blog.  These are not considered academic sources.

4.   Sources from the web must be from a credible, reliable source. Evaluating sources questions must be completed before of the research paper draft.

Submit your complete draft of your research paper here.

Turnitin Originality Checker has been enabled for this assignment, and your instructor will review the results to ensure that each submission maintains the standards set forth by the Academic Honor Code.