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Sustainable Development and Green Building.

I need a four-page paper done on the topic Sustainable Development and Green Building.

Introduction Statement with hook
Thesis Statement-Put this statement at the end of the paper with quotation marks-“I will discuss the six human needs an Earthship provides
and how this type of housing provides them.”
Cover Page-Name, Date
Insert Page Numbers in the upper right hand corner of the paper.
Doubled-line Spaced, 1″ margins, 12 point, New Times Roman font.
USE ASA Citations-last name of author, year of publication, and include page number.
Give Examples, Definitions, Specifics and Explanation in writing paragraph 2.
Use The Quote and Quotation Marks and explain what the quote means in your own words.
Put quotation marks around the word “six”
Each Paragraph must have topic sentence and body paragraphs must have development.
Use Five or more words of quote and must have both quotation marks and citations.
Conclusion Statement
References Page