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Supply Chain Assignment

This topic is currently very much in the business news and affects every business in the US to some extent. A supply chain is a transportation network between a company and its suppliers to produce and distribute a specific product to the final buyer. In particular, it includes warehousing, distribution centers, shipping, trucking, delivery, and box handlers. An effective supply chain can certainly be a core competency and source of competitive advantage. It should not be confused with the value chain which usually includes the supply chain in the value chain activities. 

Next review the following youtube video originally produced by CBS Sunday morning (Oct 10, 2021) –

A few questions to ponder, and respond to:

  1. What industries do you think are most affected by the supply chain breakdown, and why?
  2. What is the future of the problem? will it get worse, go away in a few months, or just stay the same way from here on?
  3. Can this problem be fixed, and will it be? Who will likely fix it or try to?
  4. Draw in External Environment (PESTEL):,used%20in%20a%20SWOT%20analysis.
  5. Internal environment  – Resources, Capabilities, and Core Competencies