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  1. Read the summary of International Shoe Company v. State of Washington in Chapter 2, Section 2.5 of the textbook, after the section about “Long-Arm Statute,” and brief the case using the “IRAC” format.
  2. Make sure to begin your brief with a brief facts section telling me what happened in the case. So, it’s more “FIRAC”, than “IRAC.” Your document will have five main sections: Facts, Issue, Rule, Analysis, and Conclusion. Your case brief should be 1-2 typewritten pages.  The Facts and Analysis will normally consist of several sentences, but the other sections–Issue, Rule, and Conclusion–are normally just 1-2 sentences.  But, as discussed in the prior Module, these guidelines can vary depending on the case.
  3. When you are finished briefing the case, upload your document into the assignment file.