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summarize an article and propose a follow up study

In the first section of the paper, you are expected to briefly summarize your article. Make sure to indicate the goal of the research, describe the design of the experiment(s), the important results, and the interpretation of those results. In the second section of the paper, you are expected to propose a follow-up study that you would conduct if you were a researcher in this area. Make sure that you describe the methodology of your experiment in sufficient detail (participant populations examined, your dependent measure, independent variables that are being examined, etc.) so that the feasibility and soundness of your research can be evaluated. In addition, also make sure to describe why you think that this is a good follow-up study (motivate it based on your summary and what are the theoretical implications of this study). The final product will be no more than 4 pages in length, typed with a minimum of 2.54 cm (1 inch) margins and double-spaced line-spacing. Font should be 12-point Times New Roman. Papers in any other format will not be accepted. It should be clearly written in normal prose (i.e., not “point form”). Where references are made to other articles, these should be cited using APA format (see any journal reference section) at the end of the paper. The reference section is not included in the page count. Writing style is important. Please write clearly and concisely in the manner of a journal article. Getting all of the information to fit within four pages is difficult to do, and you are strongly encouraged to do at least two drafts of the paper before your final copy. Therefore, leaving it until the last minute is a bad idea