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  1. List the Key Facts that are in the case. As you do this, please consider whether the information is really necessary to the problem. History in the far past, for example,

is generally not key to the problem. It is often provided in cases in order to help

you understand how the company got to the place that it is.


Include only information that is important for the decision.


  1. State the problem or problems to be solved in the case solution. Explain why you think this is the problem. If there is more than one, explain which one is most important and why.


  1. Review all the data provided in the case charts, figures and tables. Draw conclusions from each of the charts. Make sure you include the page number on which the chart, figure or table is found as well as the number assigned to the chart, figure or table. Explain how this information can be used to develop a recommendation or set of recommendations. If a chart is particularly important to the case, explain why.