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Structure and Function of Fallacies

10/Module #4
The following links will assist you in preparing for this module.
What is a fallacy?
inFact: Logical Fallacies 1
inFact: Logical Fallacies 2
inFact: Logical Fallacies 3
Critical Thinking Part 2: Broken Logic
Affirming the Consequent: A Formal Fallacy
Ad Hominem
Critical Thinking Part 3: The Man Who Was Made of Straw
The “Straw Man” Fallacy
The “Red Herring” Fallacy
Fallacies: Appeal to Hypocrisy

  1. Access the   Download Types of Fallaciesresource document and review each type of fallacy. :
  2. Consider the following question:
    • ​​Why do you believe the fallacies on the websites you chose to visit and explore are bad arguments?
  3. respond to at least one of your classmates’ postings.( this is a response agreeing or not with the with the post – backed up by resources /using lesson info) SEE CLASSMANTE POST BELOW :                                                                                                                                               Fallacies surround our daily routines and social media pages. I think some of the big ones I notice are on supplement websites. Fitness is a big part of my life, so I often visit different websites to see what is available to better myself. Most of the time on these workout supplement websites, they use attractive words like “explosion”, “extreme”, or “intense”, to kind of distract you from what the supplement is actually doing for your body. Sometimes there isn’t a whole lot of science they disclose on their sites. I think fallacies are a big part of marketing sometimes because they can get people looking or talking about something. These can be bad arguments because, yes, they sound like they are doing wonders for your body, but in reality, you really have to be careful and take them in the right ways.
  4. APA format-intext citations

s: Slippery Slope