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Store Project 1

Fashion Business 50 points possible

This portion of the project focuses on the Retailer and its history. Many companies have experienced buy-outs or mergers in the recent past, so make sure your research uncovers the original owners/founders as well as who the current parent company or managing partners are. Include the following information in your PowerPoint:

Facts about the company

  • Brief history, where and when established, founding owner/partners
  • Product lines (what manufacturers/labels are carried, price ranges      offered, private label lines carried)
  • Merger/acquisition information if appropriate, with name of parent    company and relevant information regarding this transaction
  • Number of stores in operation, with discussion of other channels of retail being used  (Online store site? Social media presence?)

Sales information

  • Sales figures from most recent year; compare with prior year to  discuss if sales figures are in a positive or negative position
  • Stock exchange information if applicable

Power Point Document

  • 8-10 Slides, using a cohesive style throughout
  • Each slide should include some visuals for interest, as well as some text (bullet points work well) for increased information understanding
  • Cite your sources used, and include this page at the end of presentation

Fashion Business Rubric 50 points possible

Company Facts                                         20

Sales Information                                   10

Thorough bullet point notes             15

Power Point quality                                 5


  1. Discuss the profile of the selected retailer.
  2. Describe the target market for this retailer using demographics and psychographics.
  3. Discuss price points.
  4. Describe their product mix.
    • This may include ;
      • categories and key core vendors,
      • silhouettes,
      • colors,
      • sizes,
      • pattern,
      • texture
    • If products are private label (the store’s own brand, rather than a mix of outside brands and designers), just discuss the categories, not vendors.
    • Include images,
      • key silhouette illustrations/photos,
      • color swatches (at least two squares of color that are large enough to see.  If you were to hold them in your hand, in real life, they would be about 2″x 2″)
      • and fabric swatches ( again, if you were to hold them in your hand, in real life, they would be about 2″x 2″.  Include at least two representative fabrics).
  5. Identify their current promotions, publicity, advertising, and visual promotions, including their promotional calendar and use of social media.
  6. Use photos, computer graphics and typed text to describe the store layout, floor plans, fixture placements, displays and product mix/placement.
  7. Identify their main competitive retailer or retailers.
Upload files is a sample project for ideas: Nasty Gal Fashion Business Assignment