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Discussion Instructions:

You will trade for ONE week (March 25 – April 5 ), then write a discussion documenting your experience Due: April 10.

Begin the discussion by stating your ranking at the end of the game, state the total number of trades you made, and the total ($) return you made.
Write about your experience trading in the stock market. Note: you must make at least 7 active trades in the game for a minimum of 3 days.
What patterns influenced your trades?
How did your previous research on the stock sector (Chapter Discussion #1) influenced your trading decision?(attached)
PS: I already played the stock market trading game. I just need a 400-450word discussion post talking about my experience trading. I attached excel documents which has my rank, the trades I made and the the results of my trades.
ANOTHER PS: NO citation, just the talk about your experience trading and whether you would do it again