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our detailed research proposal (minimum 1500 words + bibliography) must cover the following points:

  • Research question: What is the major problem or issue that your thesis will attempt to solve? What major question will it try to answer? What hypothesis will it test? In essence, what will your thesis be about?
  • Significance/Innovation: Why will your thesis be significant? What makes it important, original, or innovative?
  • Relevant scholarship: What does current scholarship say about your major question? How does your thesis relate to what has already been written on your topic? What will make it important or original? In essence, why will it matter?
  • Method and evidence: What methods will you use to conduct your research? Will you use particular theories and/or schools of thought? What evidence or texts will you be using? In essence, how will you do your thesis?
  • Preliminary bibliography: This needs to include relevant items and to demonstrate some familiarity with the major scholarly works in your proposed area of research.