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In the rough draft you should have your complete argument present and well organized. This is not the time to worry about style, but to work on the prosecution and structure of the argument. Your claims should be bold, logically argued, and well supported by your sources. Keep your paragraphs focused, with smooth transitions, and well integrated citations.


3000-4000 words

At least 8 good sources, APA or MLA style is fine

12 point, Times New Roman font

1” margins, name block, and page numbers


Argument __/50

            Clear, reasoned thesis __/10

Justified project “so what?” __/10

Reliability of sources __/10

Acknowledges multiple sides of discussion __/10

Conclusion has a call to action “what’s next?” __/10

Structure and Style __/50

            Attractive introduction __/10

            Quotations well integrated __/10

            Clear conclusion __/10

Clarity of sentences __/10

Overall flow __/5

Organic transitions _/5

Total ___/100

 Only do the research essay on sports betting, use the proposal as the outline each check mark is a paragraph and only use the research from the citations in the proposal the proposal should outline the whole essay again only use those websites for resarch and citing for sports betting only