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The purpose of this assignment is to critique a speaker’s delivery and to analyze public speaking skills by observing and evaluating a presentation. To complete this assignment, you will use your textbook to evaluate how well the speaker has adopted the guidelines for creating and delivering an effective presentation. NOTE: This critique will be given to the speaker.


  1. You’ll need to observe a presentation that has been done in this course by one of your classmates. You can choose ANY of the speeches presented (just not yourself)
  2. This assignment will need to be approximately one (1) page, typed and double spaced in length with standard margins and font.
  3. It should be completed in an essay format with an introduction and conclusion to the paper.
  4. You must include an APA formatted reference page for any sources you use (including your textbook).

Structuring your Paper

  1. For the introduction of your paper:
    • In the introduction of your paper, please provide context for your reader by describing the public speaking situation and the public speaker.
    • Include:
      • Who the speaker was (their name)
      • A description of the topic
      • Description of the speaker’s objective and rhetorical purpose (informative, persuasive, or special occasion)
  1. For the body of your paper:
    • In the body of your paper please analyze the speech content, and structure. Include an analysis of the presentation’s introduction, speech body, and conclusion.
    • When analyzing the speech’s introduction
      • Explain what the speaker did to attempt an introduction and whether or not it was effective. Provide specific reasons.
    • In your analysis of the presentation’s body
      • Explain how the presentation was organized and analyze if the organization of the speech made it easy to follow or not.
    • When analyzing the speech’s conclusion
      • Was the conclusion successful? Why or why not?
    • In your analysis of the speaker’s delivery, include
      • A description of the verbal and nonverbal delivery skills that the speaker did well and why,
      • An explanation of the verbal and nonverbal delivery skills that the speaker could improve on and why.
  1. For the conclusion of your paper:
    • In the conclusion of your paper please sum up your observations with how well you think the speaker did.
      • Is there something the speaker should work on?
      • Is there something the speaker did well?
      • Did they meet the rhetorical purpose (was it informative, persuasive, etc.)?
This is the speech.