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Please write one page for each question, this is a short assinment.

1. Species at Risk

Pick a species of plant or animal. Then, find some information online about what is likely to happen to that species over the next few decades. Is this species predicted to do well or poorly in the future? Why?

Make sure you draw from reputable sources and provide links to your sources in your answer.

Make sure your answer connects to at least 1 concept mentioned in the articles on Biodiversity:


Don’t just focus on charismatic megafauna (polar bears, pandas.). You can even choose a species that people don’t like, such as mosquitos.

While Climate Change is a major threat to many species, it is not always the most pressing threat. For example, many species are facing extinction due to habitat destruction, competition from non-native species, or disease.

Do not plagiarize from your sources. If you use either their words or their arguments, you must cite them appropriately.

2. Follow a Shifting City

Pick a city in the continental US (or Alaska) and see how its climate is predicted to change over the next few decades.

To do this:

Go to the

Find city Los Angeles

Check the future climate for both the “Current High Emissions” and the “What if we Reduce Emissions?” scenarios.

Then, write up what you found:

First, explain why you chose that particular city(because I live near Los Angeles). Then describe the results. How will the climate in that city change over the next few decades? How do the two emissions pathways differ in their effects? Would would these changes affect people living in those cities? What unique aspects of those cities might be lost?