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sociological perspective

Utilizing evidence with in-text citations from course materials, answer parts A, B, and C
in an initial posting. Your initial answer should be a minimum of 300 words, and
demonstrate an ability to think critically about ideas and thoughts, and specifically
articulate a position that takes into account the complexity of an issue.
Initial Posting (30 points):

A. First thing, share in your own words what is meant by a “sociological
B. Next, discuss and share your reasons for why you are taking courses at the
community college level.
C. Finally, think about how social forces and culture have influenced your choice.
Share those thoughts with the class.
NOTE: Include a works cited page for your initial response
Response to a Classmate (20 points):
After submitting your initial post, you are also required to respond to at least one other
student’s posting. In a minimum of 200 words, again demonstrate an ability to critically
think about sociological issues. When providing your response, be sure to meet the
following criteria:
● In regards to defining the sociological perspective, respectfully agree or disagree
with a student’s position, given what you have learned about the topic. In
addition, articulate whether the way social forces and culture impacted the
reason a student enrolled in a community college seem to be the norm or an
● Using in-text citations, provide evidence to support your position.
● Include a works cited page for your response to a peer
IMPORTANT: Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure your work submits
correctly. This can easily be verified by viewing submissions