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Letter to a Public Official: 100 points. Each student should compose a letter to a public official about a social work policy issue, expressing any proposed policy change(s). Both the public official and the policy issue should be chosen by the student. The letters will be graded on professionalism and knowledge of the topic. Each student’s letter should address a specific public official and include specific research-based evidence to support the proposed policy change(s). Students should give proper credit to sources used within the content of the letter. Studentshave to send letters. I HAVE THE NAME OF THE PERSON THAT THE LETTER IS GOING TO. NO WORRIES THERE. YOU MUST USE PEER-REVIEWED/SCHOLARLY SOURCES. USE APA FORMAT AND INCLUDE A REFERENCE PAGE. Find a current social work policy that you do not agree with. List changes you think the public would agree with on. 

A grading rubric is provided on Blackboard. Grading Criteria: 1. Identification of an appropriate official based on the issue/geographical location. (15 points) 2. Knowledge of the issue and use of research-based evidence. (40 points) 3. Professionalism when addressing the official and approaching the policy issue. (15 points) 4. Proper letter format (refer to the APA manual). (15 points) 5. Spelling/grammar and sentence structure. (15 points)