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After reading the sources, formulate responses for each of the discussion questions.  Each response should be 150 words or more.  Make sure that you use specific evidence from the sources to support your ideas.  Your initial discussion thread should contain responses to BOTH questions.  Then reply to TWO of your classmates.  Each of those replies should be 150 words or more.

The following discussion questions are based on “The Subjective Necessity for Social Settlements” by Jane Addams and The Social Gospel by Washington Gladden.  Do the assigned reading for the week and watch the video about the Progressive Era for historical context.
1. How are the views of Jane Addams and Washington Gladden alike and different when it comes to social reform?  According to them, what are the most pressing problems in American society during that time?

2. Who do Addams and Gladden think should be leading the initiatives for reform?  Do you agree?  Why or why not?