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Provide paragraph-long and thorough responses for each question below in your own words. Include applicable information from the sources in this module to support your explained ideas and to show your correct understanding of what you read and learned.

Do not use direct quotes to respond to the questions, explain in your own words.  Include in-text citation(s) after any referenced support and full references for any additional academic sources used outside of the sources included in this module.

Refer to the information in this module on Middle Eastern Americans to help you respond to question 1 below:

  1. Three pages in this module on Middle Eastern Americans address the following topics involving this group: (1) History/Demographics(2) Intergroup Relations, and (3) Intersectionality. Based on what you learned from each page regarding each topic, which section provided you with new information that you didn’t know initially or only knew little about, and that you feel is important for others in our society to learn? To respond to this item correctly, do the following in at least 10 sentences:
  • State the subtitle of each section you chose from each of these three topic pages: (1) History/Demographics, (2) Intergroup Relations, and (3) Intersectionality) that provided you with new information you initially didn’t know of or knew little about.
  • Then, explain in your own words the important details of each of the three sections you chose from the topic pages listed above.
  • Lastly, explain why you feel each section you chose is necessary for others in our society to learn about. Address all three of your chosen sections separately.