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Part 1

Provide paragraph-long and thorough responses for each question below in your own words. Include applicable information from the sources in this module to support your explained ideas and to show your correct understanding of what you read and learned.

Do not use direct quotes to respond to the questions, explain in your own words.  Include in-text citation(s) after any referenced support and full references for any additional academic sources used outside of the sources included in this module.

Refer to the information in this module on global stratification and inequality to help you respond to question 1 below:

  1. In at least 6 sentences and in your own words, first, correctly explain in detail the similarities and differences between modernization theory and dependency theory. Then, explain which of these two theories you think is more useful for explaining global inequality? Provide detailed and relevant current examples to support the theory you chose. (10 points)

Refer to the information in this module on technological globalization and global poverty to help you respond to question 2 below:

  1. Consider all the ways in which poor nations fare much worse than wealthy nations (think about technology and the major indicators). In at least 5 sentences, explain which one seems to you to be the most important problem that poor nations experience? Provide ample details and/or current examples to support why you feel the problem you chose to be the most important problem within poor nations. (5 points)