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  1. Introduction
    1. set up the topic and focus of the paper
    2. transition to the target audience
  2. Target Audience
    1. describe the targets of your proposed optimizing social development program (e.g., who would be the targets, what developmental period for optimizing social development will be addressed, in what context would the curriculum be presented)
    2. justify the importance of targeting the particular audience from a scientific perspective; use class material and/or source(s) from scientific literature as support for justification; the justification should be specific to the audience and the developmental period
  3. Important Aspect #1: Explanation
    1. fully explain the aspect using the relevant class material (e.g., define terms, explain theoretical perspectives, summarize research findings); this is the information you would teach to your target audience assuming they have little knowledge of the particular aspect
  4. Important Aspect #1: Developmental Importance
    1. fully explain how/why the aspect is important for optimizing social development (e.g., related developmental outcomes, developmental stability/continuity of the aspect, theoretical assertions that address developmental importance, how is this aspect related to optimal social development); this is the information that emphasizes why your target audience should care about the aspect
    2. transition to the next aspect
  5. Important Aspect #2: Explanation
    1. repeat steps described in C for your second important aspect
  6. Important Aspect #3: Developmental Importance
    1. repeat steps described in D for your second important aspect
  7. Conclusion
    1. pull all of the ideas together
    2. provide final take away message


Class material (textbook, PowerPt slide presentations) must be used as the primary source for parts C, D, E, and F. The required 4 additional sources from the scientific literature can be used in any parts of the paper; see the Sources from Scientific Literature page. The separate Sources Assignment involves a check regarding the appropriateness of the 4 additional sources; its deadline is prior to the paper deadline so that you have the needed feedback.

All source information must be summarized in your own words to show your understanding of the material; quotes are not appropriate for this paper.


APA style needs to be followed for the formatting, title page, citations, and References. Additional information can be found on the APA Style page.

A general guideline for length is 8-10 pages of text (not including title page or References page). Quality is a more important guideline than quantity; however, it will be difficult to address all that this paper requires in less than 8 pages. You will be graded on content as well as writing.

Your paper needs to follow APA Style (7th edition, 2020).

Your paper needs to be typed in APA  paper format (double spaced, one inch margins, page number in upper right corner), and reasonable font style/size (e.g., Times New Roman, 12 point font). Your paper needs to have a title page in APA style. All sources need to be cited according to APA style with a References page at the end with full source information presented in APA style.