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In this discussion I want you to think about social class and social mobility in your own life.

First, complete the assigned readings including Schaefer Chapter 8.  Then watch a few of the video clips from People Like Us, a documentary on a social class by PBS (Links to an external site.).
Now, for comparison… watch a few minutes of the 1957 video “Social Class in America”
 Please write it all combined in essay format

TERMS: Remember to define every term in your own words and then cite sources. Terms you will be defined in this discussion include social class, social mobility, life chances, stratification, open v. closed system of stratification, ascribed status, achieved status, intergeneration v. intragenerational social mobility.

  1. Think about your own experience with social class. What social class do you think your family is in?
  2. How does being in this social class affect your own life chances?  Make sure to address the following aspects in your answer:
  3. How “open” a system of stratification in the United States? And how has this helped or hurt you or your family’s social class status?
  4. What ascribed and achieved statuses do you have and how do they help or hurt you or your family’s ability to experience upward social mobility?
  5. How have you experienced either intergenerational and/or intragenerational social mobility in your family? How and why?