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For this paper assignment, students may “visit” one site of contemporary Christian devotion and write a detailed summary of the place. Students are not required to speak to any visitors at the location or attend worship services.  This assignment does not require interviews.

Please be respectful of the site you are visiting (if in person). Do not photograph individuals without their consent and/or interrupt devotional practices or worship. Please do not disturb any objects/materials at the site.

Students will provide:

  • Description: they will describe the location (geography) of the site and relevant details related to the place (historical, etc.).This includes providing details about the visual and material culture of the site. What types of images, objects, and other things are found there? Is it in a building or outdoors? What is the architecture like? Are there many people? What denominational affiliations are observed.
  • Context- How do the visual and material culture of the site reflect Christianity AND the contemporary cultural/political contexts of the location?
  • Analysis: Using concepts of lived and vernacular religion- using Meredith McGuire and/or Leonard Primiano’s definitions of “lived religion” and “vernacular religion,” explain how this site reflects local Christian practice (local to the region).
  • Reflection: How does the location connect the local to the global. If in Tucson, how does this Christian site connect to Christianity in a global sense  (or vice versa)? What do we learn about Christianity through this site?

You may use course “object narrative” readings as guides for providing description, context, and analysis.


  • Students must identify a physical or a “virtual” location for their site visit.
    • Students should take photographs of their site for use in the recorded presentation portion of the project.
    • Virtual locations may also: include MMPORG or social simulation games (like World of War Craft, Second Life, or Animal Crossing) or virtual churches, shrines, etc. (please run the format by me if you are unsure or have questions)
    • If you are using the “virtual” option, please provide relevant information (if using live mapping software like Google Maps, please provide screenshots and/or links as attachments to your paper. These will need to be used in the recorded presentation portion of the project).
  • Sources: Students are required to use the McGuire and/or Primiano readings as part of their analysis, and other relevant course readings for analysis and reflection sections of their papers. Students should use at least 2 outside sources to provide context to your site. You must provide two academic sources (and may include an additional popular source if applicable).  A guide to library research can be found here:
  • Citations: A works cited page/bibliography is required. Students are required to cite their sources, either parenthetically (Scorsese 2016) (Endo 3), or in footnotes.

Structure of the Paper:

  • Formatting: 12 pt font, 750 words, double spaced, word count at the bottom of the page
  • Submission: Save as RELI160D7 Sp22 (Your Last Name) Site Visit Reflection. Upload to D2L as PDF/Word document
  • Provide a title for your paper
  • Students may use the format (provided above) to structure their paper. Please do not copy and paste the questions. Simply use each section as a subheading.
  • Proofreading: Spelling, grammar, and punctuation are part of your grade.
Maybe you could use Basilica of the sacred heart in Indiana or something like that