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12pt ( Courier New)

Must use both sites listed below

Primary Document:

 Bill of Rights

Secondary Sources-


The great debate

Here are some instructions for the Primary Document Paper assignment:

You should utilize the primary document and two secondary sources you turned in earlier this semester to write a three-page, double spaced, typed (12 point font) paper that includes the following three components:

-a summary of the main points of the primary document

-an explanation of the significance of the primary document

-an explanation of how your two secondary sources help you understand the primary source

     If you quote directly or paraphrase from any source, including your primary or secondary documents, you must cite your source.  Since this is a survey-level course, I am not going to dictate that you use a specific citation style.  You can use whatever style is easiest for you.  If you quote directly from a source, you need to indicate that you are doing so by using quotation marks.