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I have included draft one that will be 1 of 7 pages completed, I need 7 additinal papers to complete the research essay
with references.
Paragraph 1: 1. Describe the general approach of the philosophical theory (deontology, utilitarianism, virtue ethics etc.) 2. Identify at least three principles from the theory. Paragraphs 2 through 4: Assign each of the three principles its own paragraph and explain the principle. Then use the explained principle to analyze a feature of your topic (in that same paragraph). V. Personal Conclusion (20 points): In this last section argue for your personal analysis and thoughts on the issue. Make sure this section receives the treatment and development it deserves!
 I’m not sure what your specific subject matter is. It should appear in the first paragraph. According to your first draft, your topic concerns the natural parks. Tie the ethical analysis closely to that theme. Third — if you choose to take virtue ethics then take three principles from virtue ethics. Autonomy and beneficence are not principles from virtue ethics. YOU MUST TITLE THE SECTION OF YOUR ESSAY WITH THE FOLLOWING FIVE SECTION TITLES OR LOSE 5 POINTS. THUS, EVERY ESSAY WILL HAVE SECTION HEADINGS WITH THESE TITLES: INTRODUCTION, HISTORY OF TOPIC, PRO/CON, APPLICATION OF ETHICAL THEORY, PERSONAL CONCLUSION