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Should the US support initiatives that restrict carbon emissions (or carbon pollution)
Persuasive Essay (Due Week Four)
·         The persuasive essay requires you to argue a position on a debatable topic.
·         You will support your position by conducting research, evaluating evidence, and presenting it in a well-organized essay.
·         This assignment is based on research. It is not simply a preference or an expression of your opinion.
·         The goal is to persuade a reader to adopt a certain point of view by using reliable sources, statistics and facts, logic, examples, and expert opinions.
·         The essay should address an opposing view, and respectfully state why your position is stronger.
·         The final essay should include a thesis statement, clear position on chosen topic, acknowledgement of the opposing view, clear purpose and direction, and effective conclusion.
·         Revised essay should be error free and consistent in tone, point of view and verb tense.
·         Three reliable sources are required to support your position.
·         Reliable sources include Keiser Library, Google scholar, and others approved by your instructor.
*See Revision Worksheet and Rubric for guidance and assessment of your work.
·         1000 words minimum
·         Must include three sources with in-text and reference citations
·         Microsoft Word document
·         APA Format with title page, introduction, body, conclusion, and reference page