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You work for an organization that has assigned subgroups to various projects. You are assigned to one of the phone design groups. There are also groups for assembly, testing and marketing.

There has been a friendly competition between the two phone design groups. You have brought a few designs to the team leader but have not seen it on the agenda the first 3 meetings nor heard any communications regarding progress. Your friend on the assembly team said his team leader received the design selected and they will start assembly soon.
What type of subgroup is your group? Explain whether you think the group is effective, has faultlines and how your performance has been affected. Also, explain whether you are more likely to forgive the leader of your ingroup or of an exterior (out) group. Please be sure to review the chapter before answering and reference your textbook reading within your submission.
  Use APA format and cite properly. Initial answer due by Thursday and 2 responses to classmates due