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Self-Care Response

Students will develop a Self-Care Plan for implementation into daily living and relevant to working in Human Services. It consists of a separate “Epilogue” typed in the format from pages 587-590 (10th ed.), 543-546 (9th ed.) 556-559(8th ed.) of the text and is worth 50 points.

The Epilogue should be used in writing the Self-Care Response Paper which will include researched information about the Coping Strategies and/or Relaxation Techniques you will incorporate into your daily. Then your paper should include how you will use these Coping Strategies and/or Relaxation Techniques to manage stress as a Human Services Professional. This paper will be 2-3 pages long amd done in the APA Writing Style which includes a Cover Page, a Running Header throughout, an Abstract, the Body/Text with In-Text Citations, a Conclusion, and a Reference Page with 2-3 references and it is worth 100 points.

ATTACHED IS THE TEXT USED FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT. Please use for the epilogue & Self-care Plan!