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select any social or political topic
The essay must have at least five well-developed paragraphs
It must have 950-1000 words
The introduction must have an attention-getting hook, a thorough “line” or context
section, and an effective “sinker”, or thesis statement.
The thesis must be the last sentence of the introduction, and it must put forth an
argumentative claim.
Each body paragraph must have an easily identifiable topic sentence (which puts forth a
smaller, more focused argumentative claim), major and minor details, and transition
words and phrases that correspond to the rhetorical strategies that you are using.
Each body paragraph must include direct quotes from scholarly sources to provide as
“evidence” for the claims put forth by the topic sentences. You must have a minimum of
two scholarly sources listed on your works cited page. You may use the Galileo search
engine to find scholarly articles.
Essay format must adhere to 8th edition MLA Style