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School Security and Security Expert

You are a school safety and security expert making a presentation to the school administration as to the safety of their school.
  1. Research the various layers of security available for schools.
  2. Select a local Miami FL elementary, middle, high school, or college (may be Miami Dade College campus) in your area.
  3. Visit the school to evaluate/assess its physical security.
  4. Identify soft and hard targets.
    • (First conduct research to define what a soft and a hard target is.)
    • (Include the perimeter of the school, the structure/building.   If a large school (such as MDC), focus on one building and one classroom.)
  5. Describe the types of security measures (layers) currently used at the school.
  6. What types of crime is the school susceptible to?
    • (What common types of crime happen at these schools around the country? What can be done to minimize the crimes?)
  7. Provide statistics on the crimes that have occurred in the past year (or most current data) at this school
  8. What policies are in place to protect students and faculty?
    • (Conduct research on this.  Most schools provide this information online.)
  9. What recommendations would you make to improve the security at the school both physically and policy-wise?