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Make sure to get instructor approval on the topic before starting the paper.  The paper will be written on the topic of the student’s choice.  The topics include anything that has been covered in the textbook.  I suggest choosing a mental health disorder and a treatment approach.

Three to four scholarly, empirical peer reviewed research journal articles are to be used (journals can be viewed via the library website, Psychology Today and newspapers do not count as empirical journals, neither do informational websites).  Empirical journals contain research studies.

The paper length is a minimum of 3 full written pages.  A.P.A. format needs be followed along with citations of works within the body.

A reference page will be included along with a title page. The title page and reference page are not to be included in the total number of written pages contained within the body.  Newspaper articles, media reports, and informational websites do not count toward the empirical research journal requirement.