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This document contains 1 scenarios that must be referenced in order to complete your group’s final presentation and written proposal.  Each scenario describes a unique IT architecture challenge facing an organization, and your team must deliver a presentation and written proposal showing how you will achieve the goals given to you by your CIO in the scenario.

Your company was recently the target of a sophisticated cyber security attack.  The attackers broke into the corporate network by compromising a public-facing website hosted on a server that was not being properly patched.  From there, they gained access to other systems and used credential dumping techniques to steal administrative credentials for several other systems.

Fortunately, a business partner identified suspicious activity coming from one of your company’s servers and alerted your Information Security team.  Your IT infrastructure and Information Security team were able to take quick action to block the attacker’s access, patch the systems used to gain entry, and reset passwords for all compromised credentials, effectively stopping the attack before any damage was done to your company.

The Information Security Consulting firm that your company hired in the wake of this incident believes that the intent of the attackers was to launch a ransomware attack where they would delete your backup data, encrypt your production data, and then demand a ransom be paid to recover your critical production data.