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the purpose of the role-play is to demonstrate the selling principles and techniques discussed in class over the course of the semester. Using the product or service that you will be selling from the case, each student will execute one 15-minute (max) sales call while exhibiting his/her knowledge of the critical elements of the selling process. This role-play will serve as a comprehensive demonstration of the course material within a simulated selling situation. Each student will submit a video acting as seller. It is suggested that you utilize Zoom to record this video, however, you can use other formats, so long as they are able to be viewed by the TA or intstructor who is grading the assignment. o Your goal is to approach the buyer, develop a level of comfort and trust, assess the buyer’s needs and then communicate the benefits of this product/service in a way that meets the buyer’s needs as much as possible. You will be graded on the approach, rapport building, presentation, overcoming objections, closing methods, and overall selling characteristics. Grading on these elements is strict.o Visual aids and/or PowerPoint to aid the sales proposal are required. The presentation materials for the individual presentation should be similar to what you would develop if you were selling this product/service to an actual buyer (e.g., demonstration). Additionally, you are expected to dress professionally.o This project utilizes the Nike Case Study posted on Canvas.