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  • PICO QUESTION– Among hospitalized pediatric patients with asthma (P) does a formalized asthma educational program for patients and their parents by a certified asthma nurse educator (I) compared to traditional hospital discharge education (C) result in increased quality of life (O).
  • Each student will locate and review six scholarly articles related to their PICO question.
  • Summarize each article
Write a clear, concise synopsis of the article. What is the topic or research question? What type of study is it? What are the results, conclusions and implications?
  • Assess the article
After summarizing a source, evaluate it. Is it a useful source? How does it compare with other sources in your bibliography? Is the information reliable? Is this source biased or objective? What is the goal of this source?
  • Reflection on the article
Was this source helpful to you? How is it useful to Nursing? Has it changed how you think about your topic? What was most interesting to you? Did anything surprise or concern you as you read?  If so, what was it and why? Do the articles you selected suggest that there is consensus within the nursing and broader health care community with regard to your specific topic?  If not, what areas do people disagree on and why?
  • Describe the clinical and practical significance of the synthesis of all findings to nursing practice. How does this evidence support change? What further action if any is necessary?
  • Provide an answer to the PICO question or rationale for why you were unable to answer the question
Rubric: Calling Out the Sacred Cow!
TOTAL (60)
Well written – all components defined
Mostly well written – most components defined
Poorly written – components missing or not well defined
Quality of Sources
All sources demonstrate careful consideration of scientific validity and sources do not repeat same information
Several sources are credible but others are not current or have questionable validity
Sources meet guidelines for types selected but there is no consideration of validity
Sources do not meet guidelines for types of sources used
Includes the complete and accurate bibliographic citation for each source and is organized according to citation method used
Makes 1-5 errors on citations.
Makes 6-10 errors on citations.
Makes more than 10 errors on citations.
Annotations Content
Summaries are accurate, assessment addresses validity of source and reflection on usefulness for practice for assignment is included for every source
One component of the annotation is missing or very limited in several citations
One component of the annotation is missing in many citations
Little or no information specific to the source is included
Annotations Structure
Well-written, unique to the source, avoids vague statements.
Well written but contain some generic statements
Poorly written, many generic statements
Annotations are missing or are not coherent.
Synthesis of Evidence
High level of synthesis evident – impact of total findings on nursing practice is well described
Fairly high level of synthesis evident – impact of total findings on nursing practice includes vague or generic statements
Poorly written, many vague or generic statements
Synthesis is missing or not coherent
PICO revisit
Well-written, provides answer to PICO or sound rationale for why unable to answer
Fairly well written, provides answer to PICO but contains some vague or generic statements
Poorly written, many vague or generic statements
Missing or not coherent
Overall Quality
Bibliography could be used to generate a comprehensive research paper with excellent sources.
Bibliography provides sources to create a paper on the topic but is missing some key information
Sources miss key topics required by presentation assignment
Sources used would not create an informative paper