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For this assignment, review the levels of Dr. Stone’s Evil and Depravity Scale. Then check out the following resources:
– On The Scale Of Evil, Where Do Murderers Rate? ( from NPR
– “Psychiatrists attempt to chart evil on `depravity scale’.” Philadelphia Inquirer [Philadelphia, PA] 22 May 2002. Business Insights: Essentials. Web. 14 Nov. 2019.
– The Depravity Standard ( from Dr. Michael Wellner
You may want to participate in the Depravity Standard Study available via Dr. Michael Wellner’s link above, but this is not required. Then answer the following questions in a brief essay:
What is evil? What is depraved?
What are the benefits and limitations of this scale?
Should this determination be left up to the jury?
Should self-defense be on the scale?
Please use the attached rubric to understand the expectations of this assignment. This should be written in essay form with an introduction, full sentences, fully-formed paragraphs, transitions between ideas, and a conclusion. Please reference Dr. Stone’s scale and any additional references you refer to using APA format.