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Restorative justice
Have a 15 minute discussion with someone on justice, preferably someone who has a limited
understanding of restorative justice. Treat this as an opportunity to find out about their idea of justice,
and what is important to them. Also share your understanding of restorative justice with them. A
fundamental part of the assignment is to receive their feedback on restorative justice. What do they
think it means? What concerns do they have? You are to attempt to educate them on restorative justice
and clarify its meaning for them.
You are then to write a 4-5 page paper (not including title page and references) about the conversation.
What happened? How do you feel about what happened? What did you learn? What does this have to
do with the themes/content of our course? Would you have changed how you approached the
conversation? How? You shall be presenting on your project in class