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Use Google Sides to generate a ten-slide presentation on your desired career pathway including a description of information technology skills required in the chosen field of study.  You will need to retrieve and evaluate information from the library’s database and or the Internet. To access the Library Resources, you can TEXT your library question to (856) 677-8983. In addition, you can get help from a Librarian via chat, or email. (Links to an external site.)

You should include at least two citations from a minimum of two different sources.

Your presentation should also include an MLA Works Cited slide. 

When you submit your Career Research Presentation, it must contain the following items in this order:

  • Title Slide – Your first and last name, your instructor’s name, the date, and the career/report title (Slide 1)
  • Body of Presentation (slides 2 – 7/8 must include slide transitions
    • Introduction – states your career of interest, two or more reasons why you chose the career, and how the career choice relates to your personality and/or interests (Slide 2)
    • Job Description – include one graphic and a clear summary of responsibilities and work environment conditions (Slide 3)
    • Education/Qualifications and Training (Slide 4)
    • Earnings and Outlook (Slide 5) You may reference Glassdoor.  (Links to an external site.)
    • IT skills needed – include one graphic and a description of IT skills needed in the chosen career (Slide 6)
    • Other – interesting facts about your career of interest (Slide 7)
    • Conclusion – summary of your career of interest and description of what you look forward to about the career (Slide 8,9)
  • MLA Works Cited Slide (10)

Click the next button below to see the Rubric.

When complete, put the Google Slideshow in your Google Slides Folder on your Google Drive. Then upload the URL to your Google Slides Folder for a grade.



To talk to a Librarian put the link in your browser (Links to an external site.)

For Library Resources go here

MLA Sample Works Cited Page go here – (Links to an external site.)

When researching, consider the following career-focused questions:

What type of career do you want?

Do you have a mentor?

Will you look for a mentor?

What are the job trends for your area of interest?

What type of education will you need?

How much will your education cost?

What is your dream job after graduation?

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