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Research the evidence on the emotional wellbeing in young adults or middle-aged adults and its relation to physical activity or exercise. This should include their cognitive development, mental well-being, and social relationships. Please pick either the young adulthood stage of development or the middle adulthood stage of development, not both.

This paper is a demonstration of your understanding through critical analysis. This is not an opinion paper, rather a research paper. If you do not cite your sources, you will receive a “0”. Must follow APA format.
**No Direct Quotations** Please relay the information in your own words, and then cite the source at the end of your sentence.
Title Page
Body (2-4pages)
References (at least 2 references, must be peer-reviewed journal articles!)
**No abstract is needed for this paper**
APA Paper Rubric
Criteria Ratings Pts
Content directly addresses the topic with critical thinking and logical reasoning. The body of the paper is at least 2-3 full pages.
75 pts
Organization is understandable. The thesis statement is clearly conveyed. Transition statements are used when moving from 1 idea to the next. 45 pts
Clear communication is used and is free from misspelled words and grammar issues. Current APA format is used. 30 pts
Total Points: 150