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this is the 3 first part of 3 parts. I need someone who is willing to help me and also do 2 other parts too. which is a rough draft and final draft. there are 2 different stories that you can use to write. I need help creating a thesis statement for this project.

Assignment:   Choose two characters from our short fiction unit and compose a comparative essay, also known as a compare/contrast essay.  Your two characters must come from the following texts:

  • “Sweat” by Zora Neale Hurston
  • “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker

Your characters can come from the same story or two different ones; it’s up to you.

In addition to using your own analysis to support your essay, you will also do secondary research— reading book chapters, articles, and other academic and non-academic sources—to help you find materials to support your argument and to indicate that you are entering an existing conversation about literature.  You may also find the need to extend your research into historical and cultural research.  The fact that all of these stories are written by Black authors and are examples of 20th-century African-American literature is no mistake; there is an automatic connection and context built into this research project.

You will move through a guided drafting process to break up your writing and research process and to offer you chances to solicit support from me and your classmates.  Thus, this is what is referred to as a scaffolded project; it contains a series of required steps to help you turn out a successful final draft:

Step 1:  An Annotated Bibliography

Step 2:  A First Draft

Step 3:  A Final Draft

Please compose it in Times New Roman 12 pt. font, double spaced, with 1” margins and with the proper MLA-style heading and page numbering system.  Put your citations in alphabetical order based on what appears first in the entry, format them with a hanging indent, and follow each citation with your 3-6 sentence annotation