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Purpose: to broaden and add voices from women into our study of Asian philosophy

Choose: one woman who is an Asian philosopher. There are women philosophers writing in Asian philosophy but we are looking at Asian philosophers who are women. It can be a woman who wrote long ago, or a current philosopher but there must be scholarly work on her ideas.


MLA or APA format

One (1) peer reviewed article as your research

3-4 page minimum of writing

1 page Work Cited; Or, if the Work Cited fits at bottom of 3rd-4th page: OK

NO large indented quotes.

1-2 line quotes only

All quotes or paraphrased ideas must be cited: E.g. (Smith 39)


Your paper is an explorative paper on one Asian women philosopher. You are using one scholarly article to introduce her and discuss what your expert author writes about.

Items that should be included:

The author name and title introduced in the Introduction paragraph of your paper

The thesis of the article

How the author addresses the thesis. E.g. If the thesis is a question, how does the author approach the question and does s/he answer it?

Offer at least 2 expert sources the author uses in her/his article

How do they conclude? Give a brief description