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Chapter 2 discusses four views of oral language development that explains how children gain oral language ability: The views are: (1) Behaviorist, (2). Innatist, (3) Constructivist, and (4) Social Interactionist. Choose one view and write a three-page research /debate paper in favor of the view you have chosen. Include in your debate why this view is important and relevant to children’s success in the classroom, and discuss what the implications are for classroom practice. At the end, write a one-page rebuttal to the points you have chosen to debate.

Submit your research paper, and be prepared to engage in either a debate and/or a grand discussion with your classmates to defend your viewpoints on this topic. You will be graded on your research paper, and your debate/grand discussion participation.

Follow the APA guidelines. See

The book we are working out of is Teaching Children to Read
D. Ray Reutzel; Robert B. Cooter Jr.

eighth edition

I assesses it through a website call vitalsource i can try to see if there is anyway in can download it.