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For this assignment you will research and write an essay in which you examine, using scholarly methods, some aspect of a transmedia storytelling property of harry potter. Citing 10 sources (SOURCES PROVIDED). 3 primary sources and 7 secondary sources. at least 3 of the 7 sources must be scholarly. Because the purpose of this assignment is the phenomenon of transmedia storytelling, your primary texts must represent at least three different media: Pottermore (wizarding world), Harry potter fan fiction (puppet pals or any fan fictions), Harry Potter world (universal studios). Then use the secondary sources to support it. Dicuss how pottermore allowed fans whom mightve not liked the book to interact. Dicuss how fan fiction are retells and exagerrated songs and stories. Then dicuss Harry Potter world and how its a real life version of hogwarts. For the counter argument you will dicuss the criticism of the books by fundamentalist Christians who object to witchcraft in children’s entertainment. And the outrage at Rowling’s anti-trans statements. It is criticized from a conservative religious standpoint, and also from a progressive social justice standpoint.

The religious critics object to the work itself, while the progressive critics object to the author’s statements. Caught in the middle are the fans of the work who feel too invested in it to abandon it despite any objections. With evidence to support.

Basic Outline for paper

  1. Introduction (how will you get the audience’s attention?)

  2. Background/Contextual Information (what do they need to know?)

  3. Argument ( three specific topics you will discuss, questions you will ask, or arguments you will make; the texts should be compared together, not be discussed individually).

    1. Topic Question One

    2. Topic Question Two

    3. Topic Question Three

  4. Counter-Arguments and Rebuttals (what would you say to someone who disagreed with your thesis and/or specific examples?)

  5. Conclusion (what have we learned, where do we go next?)