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Report of: Domestic Violence Assault

OFFENSE REPORT #3: Domestic Violence Scenario
Case #: 21CMCC-03-OF
Report of: Domestic Violence Assault
Date: 10/28/2021
Time of call: 1700 hrs
Summary of events:
You respond to 123 Turner Street, Apartment #2 in reference to a report of a domestic in
progress. Upon arriving at the scene, you knock on the door and a female by the name of Kristy
White (DOB 12-03-76) answers. You ask what happened and she states that she and her
boyfriend, Joseph Correia (DOB 03-12-75) have been fighting. You ask her to elaborate, and
she states that she is upset with him because he has been drinking and mismanaging money
lately. She informs you that during the argument, he pushed her with two hands, and she then
called the police. You then speak with Joseph, who does not appear intoxicated, and who is
holding his right hand over the right side of his face. You ask Joseph what happened to his face,
and he states “That bitch fucking slapped me in the face!” He then informs you that they did
fight about money and that during the fight she “came at him” and slapped him in the face. He
shows you an obvious red mark on his face. You determine this to be a case of mutual
combatants. Due to the red marks on Joseph and absence of injuries on Kristy, you decide to
place Kristy under arrest for Domestic Violence Assault.
As a guide:
Paragraph #1 should be introductory, stating your response and telling the story of what
happened up until the point you interview Kristy.
Paragraph #2 should summarize your interview with Kristy.
Paragraph #3 should summarize your interview with Joseph.
Paragraph #4 should conclude the case, ending with your justification and decision to arrest.
Utilizing the format discussed in Offense Report #1, complete your report. Feel free to be
creative and add details to spice up the report!