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Please watch the VICE News Special Report “A World in Disarray”.   What does it suggest about the balance of power in the world?  What was most surprising about these stories? How does it relate to Chapter  17, 18?(WHICH WILL BE PROVIDED) How did Trump’s foreign policy impact the global order today? What issues will Biden have to deal with? HOW DOES THE CASE STUDY OF UKRAINE PORTEND (PREDICT)  WHAT IS HAPPENING NOW? IN OTHER WORDS, HOW DOES IT RELATE  TO THE CURRENT CRISES IN UKRAINE?

How is the world holding Syria accountable?  Will Russia be held accountable for the human rights violations in Ukraine? What other factors are leading to a world in disarray and the fight for Justice?

(Make sure to cite examples from the film and the  book and cite page numbers from the text in your response). Make sure to provide time stamps and page numbers in your response.

(297) VICE Special Report: A World in Disarray – YouTube