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Report in qualitative analysis

Develop a research design report in qualitative analysis (i.e. interviews, case studies)
The report shall focus on elucidating the following issues (as you understand them):

1. The domain and rationale of your research design and method.
2. Boundaries and design of the research idea.
3. Data collection methods you plan to choose and why.
4. Research approach you plan to use
5. Potential problems with your planned research project.

The most important thing is to focus and write on development of the ontological and epistemological basis of the research, the assessment, the limitations of the study, & elucidate well on the complexity of the managerial problem.

Select one of these five approaches that best fits the research question(s) and data suitability, availability and validity relevant to the study; the Narrative, Phenomenological, Grounded Theory, Ethnographic and Case Study research approach involving definitions, typologies and procedures.

(3-4 pages, single space, about 1000 words)

I have my own research attached i need you to write a research design based on mine but only using qualitative method anaylsis in methodology.

Read the lectures notes carefully before writing also the book will help you, please focus on the ontological and epistemological basis of the research.