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Task Instructions:

  1. Create a bibliography of 6 sources related to your literature review. Use APA style as covered in Unit 6 “Bibliography”. You may use and build upon the same sources from
  2. Provide ‘annotations’ for each source. These should follow the structure and questions followed in the Annotated Bibliography Unit: Description, Credibility, and Relevance.
  3. Group your sources based on ‘themes’. These ‘themes’ will become the major sections of your literature review. Each theme should contain two sources. The themes should be related to the reasons in your thesis statement.

4- the general topic is Renewable Energy but I should be specific and choose one of the fields about its so it’s going to be solar energy

5-  will upload 2 files first with Instructions and template examples and the second file will be a file from my group which is similar to my(topic) so it’s an example just to show you what it looks like.