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1. Minimum of 3 full writting pages + 1 page for cited references= total of 4 pages2. Typewritten, double-spaced, Times Roman, 12 font3. Consultation with the Librarian for Information Literacy (looking for references, properly citing references, listing of references, etc)4. List all references properly on the 4th page of your paperPart I.1. Choose a religious issue that you think is relevant to the course material. Have this choice of yours be approved by your instructor. After approval, discuss thoroughly why you chose this event. It is important for you to choose one that you are interested in. You can cite your personal reasons if you want to, but be sure to state factual information. Cite your references (Minimum of one paragraph)2. Explain in detail (with depth and clarity) this religious issue. Be sure to cite valid references or sources. Remember that your opinion is important but NOT when you have to objectively deal with an issue. If you have a problem looking for references or sources, consult the Librarian. They are available to help you. Be mindful of proper citation because you can be liable for plagiarism, which is a major offense here in EIC. Cite at least 4 (preferably more) references for this part of your paper. (minimum of one paragraph)3. Discuss how this issue is related with other existing issues. Identify and explain very well this connection. Include in your discussion viewpoints of different experts. Cite as many references as possible. (minimum of one paragraph)4. Carefully evaluate each viewpoint you cited in “b”. Cluster viewpoints into pro vs. anti-issue (minimum one paragraph)Part II.
1. Discuss your position or core belief regarding the issue. Remember that your opinions are ok to cite but they should be supported with factual proof. Cite as many references as you can to justify your position. One tip is to cite published research findings about the issue. (one paragraph minimum)2. Discuss the implication of this issue in American society (or in a global context). This serves as your conclusion. Cite as many references as you can (one paragraph minimum